Jacobson Implements New LCL Express Program

The  ILS team at Jacobson Companies is now offering a new less than container load (LCL) express program that will offer quicker transits, competitive pricing and other advantages when shipping from Shanghai; Hong Kong; Busan, Korea; and Keelung, Taiwan into the Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul areas.

The LCL program has existed through Global Container Line for more than 20 years; however, due to port congestions and higher costs associated with freight moving through Los Angeles, the ILS Team is actively promoting its premier service via Seattle.

Not only does freight move quicker to final destination, but fewer hands will be touching the freight as it moves via Seattle to its final destination versus multiple hands in Los Angeles (drayage companies, CFS locations, third party trucking companies, etc.). Subsequently, the end customers’ freight is more secure and less likely to become lost in the supply-chain.

LCL Program brochures are available online for Minneapolis-St. Paul and the Rocky Mountains.

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