Jacobson Implements 2010 CSA Initiatives

This month, the Department of Transportation formally initiated their new safety evaluation program – CSA 2010 (Comprehensive Safety Analysis).  The program is intended to reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents.

Jacobson has always maintained a superior safety record, and we will continue to initiate and implement programs to maintain this competitive advantage in the transportation segment of our business. In the anticipation of CSA 2010, we have taken several measures to assure we are in full compliance. All drivers have received live safety meeting training on the program and on-line updates and training. All Fleet Managers have also been trained, so they can deal with their drivers on a daily basis regarding the impact of the program. We continue to be aggressive in our preventative maintenance program for all equipment operating under the Jacobson authority. CSA 2010 scores for drivers are now included in driver recruiting and reviews. Management reports are disseminated monthly with current Jacobson and driver scores in order to identify issues and improve performance.

Safety and customer service are the number one priorities at Jacobson. The CSA 2010 program has many components that we believe will make our nation’s highways safer. We will use the data obtained in the program as a tool to improve our safety record. We take pride in our accomplishments and the responsibility we accept in keeping our employees and the public safe.

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